Facility Maintenance

Working With You Even After the Project is Complete

Maintenance services are essential for ensuring a long lifespan for your commercial building. At Perception Builders LLC, we provide facility maintenance services specific to the needs of each individual client, as well as a group of core services that we consider necessary for every client. Whether you would like us to complete individual services or maintain your entire facility maintenance regimen, we will work with you to develop a solution.

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Our Maintenance Services

Our facility maintenance solutions are flexible and well-rounded to best suit the needs of each client.


With each client, we establish a long-term maintenance repair contract, that sets in stone the routine repairs and services we will provide for you after your building has been constructed. This ensures that your building remains in top condition both aesthetically and structurally. You can trust that our repairs are always completed in a timely manner per the contract and with attention to detail, addressing developing problems early on so they can be easily remedied.


If you are having an emergency, such as a leaking roof, cracking wall, clogged septic system, etc., give us a call and we will get there right away. At Perception Builders LLC, we understand that emergency issues prevent your business or organization from functioning properly, and that’s why we always prioritize these cases. We not only will solve the problem, but we will investigate the root cause of it to prevent it from occurring again in the future.

As general contractors, our expertise covers the entire gamut of the construction process. Contact us today at 803-693-5163 for an estimate or for more information!